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Celebration of Spring Equinox in Malaga, Spain

Our friends from Spain recently made labyrinth of transformation in Malaga. They wanted to celebrate the spring equinox in a special way so they came up with the idea of building the labyrinth of transformation. They were really creative so they used pieces of wood and tree branches as building material. The site is beautiful […]

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About Celestial Labyrinths – by Adrian P. Kezele

Adrian Kezele writes about celestial labyrinths, his experience and how he came up with the whole idea. The article was originally published on his blog BlissPlease. If I am not mistaken, the first time I walked a labyrinth was in Budapest, Hungary, in summer 2002. It was a strange and somehow funny experience. We drew […]

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Labyrinth of Love in Malaga, Spain

We are very happy to present you the very first Celestial labyrinth in Spain, Malaga. It was made on Gordana Komerički initiative. Gordana writes: My sister Ivančica inspired me to build this labyrinth so I thought… we could build one labyrinth here in Spain too! I already had the book. I made a suggestion to […]

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Labyrinth of Transformation – Rijeka

„I stand before a fog that wraps the world around. Ahead of me lies the path of passion and change and within me the courage to cross it. I will change myself a thousand times before I return to the place from which I started….” This is how the path of change and transformation begins. […]

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Opening the City of Labyrinths

Finally, this day has arrived! According to the cosmic rhythms (Art of Giving calendar), these were the days of friendship and creativity – the most favourable period in 2008. At first it seemed as though the weather was not very friendly – the weather forecast that predicted rain was very persuasive. However, instead of rain, […]

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