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Labyrinth of Energy in Visoko, Bosnia

A new celestial labyrinth has been built outside of Croatia! It is labyrinth of energy and it was built in Visoko, Bosnia and Hercegovina. The city of Visoko is located in central Bosnia and it is best known worldwide as the location of the alleged bosnian pyramids. Maja Cikara came up with the idea of […]

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Wilson College Celebrates World Labyrinth Day – Pennsylvania, USA

We came accross this great time lapse video of World Labyrinth Day celebration in Pennsylvania, USA. They used classical form of the Sun Labyrinth. Here’s what they said about it: Communities all over the world celebrated World Labyrinth Day on Saturday, May 4, to promote peace in our lives and throughout the world. Wilson College […]

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City of Celestial Labyrinths Near Rijeka

Written by Damir Kruljac

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Summer Solstice, labyrinth walk

Author of “Labyrinths and their secrets” book, Adian P. Kezele spent 2012 summer solstice on island Lupac performing ritual labyrinth walk. He made a nice video clip. Take a look.

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World Labyrinth Day in South Carolina, USA

We bring you this short visual report from World Labyrinth Day held in Ridgeway, South Carolina. The event was organized by Mary Elizabeth Langley (you can check her web-site). Judging by the photos it was really nice event with people walking the labyrinths, learning how to construct them and children making celestial labyrinths drawings. Congratulations […]

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