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Building the Labyrinth of Life and Death

Written by Damir kruljac

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Walking through the labyrinth of feelings

Here’s how walking  through the labyrinth looks like. Thank to Saša Vignjević for this nice video.

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Three Strong Reasons For Building Celestial Labyrinth(s)

Have you ever considered building a labyrinth but wasn’t sure which one to build? You always found labyrinths fascinating and somewhat mysterious? And you always thought it would be good to have one around? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you might continue reading and find out why should you consider […]

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Celestial Labyrinths in South Carolina, USA

Knowledge about celestial labyrinths is spreading all over the world. One of our reader who lives in South Carolina, in the country outside the small town of Camden, was introduced to our web site by her friend from Croatia. Her name is Beth Langley and she is a member of  The Labyrinth Society. She was […]

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Labyrinth of connection – video

We bring you this short video about labyrinth of connection, the Mercury labyrinth. This is also an invitation to build the labyrinth! This is part of the “One Mother, One world” campaign run by “Art of Giving” society.

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