Labyrinth of power

Labyrinth of power affects human self, ego, soul, individuality, enlightenment, body, health, honour, status, personal power. Represents the Sun.

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Labyrinth of feelings

Labyrinth of feelings affects spirit, feelings, intuition, publicity, home, fame, abundance, social behaviour and journeys. Represents the Moon.

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Labyrinth of energy

Labyrinth of energy affects energy, strength, activity, courage, real-estate, enemies, defence (military and aggressive activities), logic, fights, injuries, acute illnesses, wounds and operations. Represents planet Mars.

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Labyrinth of connection

Labyrinth of connection affects speech, intellect, logic, friendship, trade, diplomacy, negotiation, writing, and adaptability. Represents planet Mercury.

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Labyrinth of wisdom

Labyrinth of wisdom affects knowledge, happiness, education, wisdom, wealth, virtues, relationship with the divine, children, teachers and students, as well as justice. Represents planet Jupiter.

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Labyrinth of love

Labyrinth of love affects fertility, wishes coming true, love, beauty, charm, pleasure, purity, correct behaviour, occult knowledge, comfort, partners and relationships, art, music, poetry, all types of creative work, vehicles and life abundance. Represents planet Venus.

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Labyrinth of life and death

Labyrinth of life and death affects spirituality, sorrow, reliability, permanence, longevity, death, old age, loss, limitations, hard work, separation, slowness, chronic illnesses, earth matters (ore) and real estate (land, not structures). Represents planet Saturn.

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Labyrinth of transformation

Labyrinth of transformation affects transformations and all forms of changes, passion, connection, inconstancy, harshness, violence, unexpected events, confusion, tragedies and psychological disorders.

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Labyrinth of freedom

Labyrinth of freedom affects liberation from karma, spiritual insights, secrecy, fall, mathematical abilities, unexpected events, enemies, spies, injuries, venoms and cures.

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Welcome to Celestial Labyrinths!

This web site is based on the Book "Labyrinths and their secrets" ("Labirinti i njihove tajne") written by Adrian P. Kezele. You can learn all about celestial labyrinths, thir usage, simbolysm and also how to build them. You can also read experience from people (mostly from Croatia for now) who build and used labyrinths. Welcome!

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