The Book “Labyrinths and their secrets”

Everything you need to know about labyrinths. The book is now available in english language via Amazon web-store.

This website has been created on the basis of Adrian Predrag Kezel’s book: “LABIRINTI i njihove tajne” (LABYRINTHS and their secrets), published in 2007 by the publishing house Double Rainbow.

You can order the book by phone from Croatia or you can visit the Dvostruka Duga website.

NEW! The Book is now available in english language! Click here to get it!

The word labyrinth itself causes confusion. As a form, or better say a pattern, the labyrinth is at least four thousand years old, if not more. From the most famous labyrinth of Crete, the one traced into their coins, through many labyrinths of the Old Europe, as well as America and Asia, labyrinths have, nowadays, spread around the world. They are being constructed as ornaments, but more and more as a means to turn to oneself and discover the inner laws of consciousness.

This is not just a plain book about labyrinths – this is a book that reveals their deepest secrets! Aside from detailed information about all the labyrinths and their function, this book will also provide you with unique explanations as to the “patterns of power”, the “holy geometry” and the symbolics concerning their structure.

The book Labyrinths and their secrets is a practical textbook on the construction and function of nine most important labyrinths:

  • labyrinth of power
  • labyrinth of feelings
  • labyrinth of energy
  • labyrinth of connection
  • labyrinth of wisdom
  • labyrinth of love
  • labyrinth of life and death
  • labyrinth of transformation
  • labyrinth of freedom

Each of these labyrinths (explained and illustrated with over two hundred drawings) has its own meaning and function.

The function of different labyrinths can improve the quality of life of an individual or an entire community, from creating inner balance, increasing the level of energy and healing effect on the body, all the way to the harmonious influence on the landscape and the area the labyrinths are located on.


First part

Patterns of power
To be powerful
Agni i Indra
Power and wisdom

Four levels of power
Fruit level
Tree level
Core level
Seed level

Holy geometry
Alphabet of shape
Four basic patterns
Sky pictures

”Labyrinth” as a word and notion
Definition of a labyrinth
Ancient mystery
Labyrinths around us
Explanations and instructions on how to use this book
Reading and drawing
Nine labyrinths
Seed patterns
Mirror forms and direction of movement inside a labyrinth
Alternative forms
Labyrinth direction
Paths symbolics
Labyrinths material
How ti use labyrinths
Value of rituals
Source of labyrinths
Influence on space

Second part

Nine celestial labyrinths
Labyrinth of power
Labyrinth of feelings
Labyrinth of energy
Labyrinth of connection
Labyrinth of wisdom
Labyrinth of love and creation
Labyrinth of life and death
Labyrinth of transformation
Labyrinth of freedom

Appendix A: Labyrinths: balance and healing points

Appendix B: Arrangement of labyrinths on a certain area
Labyrinths city
Nine labyrinths arranged around a town or region

Appendix C: Charts on the meaning and use of labyrinths
Brief outline of labyrinths

The effect of labyrinths
Diagnostic charts