About Celestial Labyrinths – by Adrian P. Kezele

Adrian Kezele writes about celestial labyrinths, his experience and how he came up with the whole idea. The article was originally published on his blog BlissPlease.

If I am not mistaken, the first time I walked a labyrinth was in Budapest, Hungary, in summer 2002. It was a strange and somehow funny experience. We drew the classical Cretan labyrinth on the cold stone floor of some very old renaissance building. Actually, we marked the contours of the labyrinth with the help of sealing tape!

Little did I know that this experience, elusive as it was, will challenge me into one of the most interesting adventures of my life: discovering the secrets of labyrinths!
First walking was calm and peaceful, but actually, I didn’t feel nothing special. Only after couple of hours I found myself more and more thinking about how I felt during the walking, and afterwards. That night I dreamt about walking the labyrinth. But the one from my dream was different than the one from Crete! In a way similar, but with more tracks, and with different turns. I remember thinking after waking up: “Are there more labyrinths than just this one?”

That question was answered very easy by searching the Internet. Wow! Labyrinths are everywhere! People from all around the world know about them. And they are old – very old. You might say they are with us from the beginning of time.

But, what are they? Just drawings? Some kind of art? Dancing patterns? Mystical symbols? Remains of some ancient technology? Or, maybe all of that at the same time?

That was the start of my quest for an answer of the secrets of labyrinths. Next couple of years I was literary obsessed with them. I was drawing them on papers and on the computer; making them from small stones and drawing them in the sand of every beach I was on.

I devoured many books about them, but they didn’t satisfy my thirst for knowledge.

Yes, I was aware that all those labyrinths, from Crete, Scandinavia, North and South America, India and from all around, are creating some special experiences in people who walk through them, or even just watch their wavy patterns. But, what are they actually doing to us? And how?

Answers are not easy to get. Actually, I do not claim them even now, after years of studying the labyrinths; after visiting ancient places and archaeological sites of  Old Europe; after building dozens of labyrinths (even a whole city of them!); after I have written a book about them and regularly, almost daily walking through at least one labyrinth.

However, I know much more about labyrinths now, than I ever imagined it is even possible. My exploration, which was more subjective and based on experience, rather than on reading books and gathering the information, delivered to me at least partial understanding of how labyrinths function and why is walking through them so special for many people.

For me, labyrinths are generators of energy and intelligence. Each labyrinth pattern resonates differently with the consciousness of the person who walks trough it. Even each track in the each labyrinth has it own symbolism and creates specific effect.

How many labyrinths exist? Well, theoretically, there can be innumerable labyrinth patterns, with equally innumerable effects on the people who walk through them. Labyrinths are the source of endless creativity. You can discover the new patterns for yourself. What I offer in the book“Labyrinths and their secrets” is the basic structure for nine basic labyrinths. I call them celestial labyrinths because their symbolism is connected with planetary symbolism from most of the astrological systems throughout the world.

Labyrinth project is one of my most cherished projects. I am glad that many people recognized the value of labyrinths after my book was published. Literary hundreds of new labyrinths were build in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Spain, even California and Australia. Hopefully, more will follow!

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