Labyrinth of Love in Malaga, Spain

We are very happy to present you the very first Celestial labyrinth in Spain, Malaga. It was made on Gordana Komerički initiative. Gordana writes:

My sister Ivančica inspired me to build this labyrinth so I thought… we could build one labyrinth here in Spain too! I already had the book. I made a suggestion to my collegues on a group meditation session and to my big surprise, it was immideately accepted. We then agreed to meet on sunday and act on it. We spent some time choosing a labyrinth. I had to explain to my collegues theory behind celestial labyrinths. After that we voted rationaly and initutively. In both cases labyrinth of love came up as one and only choice.

The we went searching for the right place. We found it in a garden of one house. We relized that we can’t choose much because the only available spot was between the olive tree, cypress tree and the tree named algarrobo. The spot itself was not straight. It had holes and bumps so we had to straighten it and make it clean. We grabed some tools and went for some “spiritual work”. It was hot so there were some sweat drops. After a lot of hard work we were very excited  and happy because. The terrain was prepared. It was a celebration. We even danced. Then we realized we lack material and stones so we stoped and decided to postpone the work.

Finaly, the labyrint was built. It took us more than two years to complete but it was worth it. You can see for yourself.

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