Sjećanje na zajedničko druženje u labirintu ljubavi na Ižu

Piše: Ivančica Komerički

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World Labyrinth Day in South Carolina, USA

We bring you this short visual report from World Labyrinth Day held in Ridgeway, South Carolina. The event was organized by Mary Elizabeth Langley (you can check her web-site). Judging by the photos it was really nice event with people walking the labyrinths, learning how to construct them and children making celestial labyrinths drawings. Congratulations […]

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Building the Labyrinth of Life and Death

Written by Damir kruljac

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Labirint života i smrti u Dražicama pored Rijeke

Piše: Damir Kruljac

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Walking through the labyrinth of feelings

Here’s how walking  through the labyrinth looks like. Thank to Saša Vignjević for this nice video.

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