Seed patterns

The first form, which also means the pattern of power, that you will encounter whilst building any labyrinth, is the, so-called, seed pattern.

Seed patterns in themselves are powerful symbols. Each labyrinth has its own seed pattern from which the construction of the labyrinth begins. The book describes this in great detail, step by step.

On the right you can see a drawing of the seed pattern of the labyrinth of power. Under ‘Read more” you can read something on how seed patterns were created, and you can also find drawings for all nine seed patterns needed for sky labyrinths.

Look at the following picture. What does it remind you of?


Yes, it is indeed a similarity with the infamous swastika symbol. However, the Nazi swastika differs from the upper pattern. It also differs from the original Indian swastika, which has always been the symbol of Sun and life. If we put aside the fact it was misused by an infamous regime, it is a fact that this is one of the oldest and most powerful known symbols of spiritual tradition.

Nevertheless, despite that, not a lot of people know this is the seed pattern used to make a chakra, that is, a labyrinth! With time, any knowledge of this disappeared, and the swastika became independent, and received some changes. However, you can use the upper seed patter to draw a simple labyrinth of energy with three paths and a centre. Soon, the way to draw this will be graphically demonstrated, but this is the final result:

The swastika has always been connected with the Sun, but according to inner symbolics, it is in fact the Sun’s creation energy, which will make you see that this kind of a labyrinth belongs to a different place – Mars or warrior nature of this pattern of power.

All in all, seed patterns are an important part of knowledge about labyrinths. Not only that they make the drawing and construction of labyrinths easier, they are also very strong symbols in themselves. At the beginning of every chapter on each of the labyrinths, you can also find their seed pattern with an explanation on how to get a labyrinth from it.

For now, observe all nine seed patterns. A mere observation of these symbols sets off a flow of energy, intelligence and power in the human consciousness.