The Labyrinth of Love – Venus Labyrinth

The labyrinth of love and creation – Venus labyrinth

element: water

colours: rainbow colours, polychromy, silver and white

direction: southeast

natural form: receptive, three outer paths, an inner spiral, and a centre

affects: fertility, wishes coming true, love, beauty, charm, pleasure, purity, correct behaviour, occult knowledge, comfort, partners and relationships, art, music, poetry, all types of creative work, vehicles, and life abundance

the receptive form encourages:
creativity, expressiveness, softness, sophistication, cooperation, originality, passion, refinement

the expressive form eliminates: greed, being overshadowed , obsession, jealousy, immorality, exaggeration, and infatuation

More detailed explanations on the effects of labyrinths, the symbolics of the paths, the construction, alternative forms, diagnostic charts and the ritual use, you can find in the book Labyrinths and their secrets.