The Labyrinth of Freedom – Ketu Labyrinth

The labyrinth of freedom – Ketu labyrinth

element: none

colour: colour of smoke, grey

direction: southwest; however, paired up with the labyrinth of transformation – northeast

natural form: only one, receptive and expressive simultaneously,
seven paths without a centre

natural movement: expressive

affects: liberation from karma, spiritual insights, secrecy, fall, mathematical abilities, unexpected events, enemies, spies, injuries, venoms and cures

expressive movement encourages: leadership, accuracy, speed, acuteness, logicality, intelligence, freedom, and discretion

receptive movement eliminates: destructiveness, unease, restlessness, unnecessary mysteriousness, panic, terror and fear, morbidity, abnormality,
decadent and tainted spirit and body

More detailed explanations on the effects of labyrinths, the symbolics of the paths, the construction, alternative forms, diagnostic charts and the ritual use, you can find in the book Labyrinths and their secrets.